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Hario V60 Gramera with timer

Hario V60 Gramera with timer

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The Hario V60 grammer is the perfect tool for good coffee preparation. It is very precise, easy to operate and although it is designed for the preparation of coffee in filter methods, it can be used to weigh any other element up to 2000 g.

Gramera indicated for those who want to take their filtered coffee preparation to another level. This gramera will allow you to prepare coffee accurately in any method such as French press, Dripper V60, Melitta, Chemex or any other method that requires calculation of weights and quantities.

- Integrated timer to calculate pre-infusion (Bloom) and preparation times.
- Auto power off in 5 minutes (unless timer is on).
- It can weigh up to 2 kg.
- High durability and precision.
- Compact, light and robust.
- Best quality-price ratio on the market.
- Original product.
- Japanese brand recognized worldwide.

Shows measurements with variations of 0.1g when weighing items from 2 to 200g, variations of 0.5g when weighing items from 200g to 500g, and variations of 1g when weighing 500g to 2000g.

- Brand: Hario.
- Model: VSTN-2000B.
- Color: Black.
- Weighing range: 2 - 2000 g.
- Display: Yes (LCD).
- Integrated timer: Yes.
- Gramera size: 12 cm (length) x 19 cm (width) x 3 cm (height).
- Gramera weight: 280 g.
- Power source: uses 2 AAA batteries (included).
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