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Coldbrew Hario V60 Fretta Coffee Maker

Coldbrew Hario V60 Fretta Coffee Maker

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This Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker uses a V60 Dripper to filter hot coffee and uses ice to cool it quickly, so you can have a good cold coffee.

The V60 is iconic and is recognized worldwide for its functionality and design. This design allows perfect filtering of the coffee, thanks to its conical shape and spiral grooves, the water will pass at the perfect speed to maintain a delicate body or a stronger flavor, depending on what you want.

- Model: VIC-02B
- Capacity: 2 to 4 cups
- Materials: Glass and Polypropylene.
- Made in Japan.

It also serves to prepare hot coffee and uses Hario size 02 V60 filters.
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