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Aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress coffee maker

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The AeroPress coffee maker is one of the newest methods to take advantage of specialty coffees. Thanks to its combination of an immersion method and filtering with pressure through a paper filter, you will obtain a drink with a lot of body, with low acidity and without that gritty sensation of coffee made in a French press. Its plastic structure makes it completely portable, making it the best companion for preparing a good coffee anywhere.

You only need ground coffee, hot water and a container to enjoy your drink.

We recommend the AeroPress for anyone looking for a method they can take everywhere without fear of it breaking easily. In addition, those who need a coffee with a good body and a perfect balance between an espresso and a filter, because depending on the way you prepare it you can obtain a drink similar to espresso or light like a filter.

- Very easy to use and practical
- Its material is very resistant and is suitable for traveling.
- Comes with all the accessories you need to prepare your coffee.
- Compact, lightweight and robust.
- Original product.
- American brand recognized worldwide.

- Capacity: 2 cups (237 ml).
- Diameter: 140 mm.
- Height: 292mm.
- Weight: 900g.
- Material: BPA free plastic.

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