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French Press Bodum Brazil

French Press Bodum Brazil

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Do you want to prepare coffee in an easy way and without the need for paper filters? The BODUM BRAZIL 1 liter French press is the best solution. Press-brewed coffee will have low acidity and a lot of body. Plus, you only need hot water and ground coffee. 

The design of the Bodum Brazil was created in 1980 and is still current and fresh, as it is one of the most beautiful presses in the Bodum catalog. 

This press is indicated for those who want to make coffee for 3 or more people, because due to its size it can make up to 8 cups or 4 mugs. In addition, we indicate methods such as the French press for people who want a coffee with low acidity. Our recommendation is that you leave the coffee infusion for about 4 minutes to get a well-balanced drink.

- It is made in Portugal, with high quality materials.
- Although its body is made of plastic, its glass is made of borosilicate glass and its filter is completely made of metal.
- High durability.
- You can get spare parts for the glass and filter in the market if needed.
- Allows you to prepare coffee for 3 or more people.
- Best quality-price ratio on the market.
- Original product.
- Danish-Swiss brand recognized worldwide.

- Brand: Bodum.
- Model: Brazil.
- Country of manufacture: Portugal.

- Capacity: 2 to 3 cups (350 ml) and Press size: 11.5 cm (length) x 8.0 cm (width) x 16.1 cm (height).

- Capacity: 8 cups (1 liter) and Press size: 15 cm (length) x 10.5 cm (width) x 22 cm (height).
- Material: 
Glass: Borosilicate glass.
Body and lid: Black plastic.
Filter and internal components: Stainless steel.
Spoon: Black plastic.

The press comes with a booklet with instructions and a measuring spoon.

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